Natural Remedies for an Acid Stomach

Whether it is from the food we eat, or it is just something genetic, an acid reflux is a very unpleasant condition, that can give you a lot of trouble. It is very common in older people, but nowadays teenagers started to develop this condition as well.

As it is very common, and can have  different stages it also has different methods of treatment. But to this day most of us still believe that the most effective way to treat a disease is the natural way. So here are some natural remedies for an acid stomach.

The first thing to try is cinnamon. This remedy  has been used from ancient times, because it is believed to have antiseptic effects and it is also good in settling acid reflux. Using it is very simple. Just sprinkle the cinnamon on the brad, toasted bread is preferable, and then eat it. Be carefully though to chew slowly  so the acids in your mouth start to break down the food.

Another good remedy  for acidity in the stomach is the  skin of a grapefruit. This method is very simple. You just have to grate the outer surface of the grapefruit, let it dry for a day and then eat it whenever your stomach uppsets you. The best way to keep this remedy is in a closed jar.

A third option, which is available to almost everybody is to eat romaine lettuce. The reason this vegetable is very useful is because it contains minerals, a large amount and because of it’ s high alkalinity. You just have to make a mixture from a well washed lettuce, cold water and maybe some honey, to give it a better taste. Place all these ingredients together in a blend and you’ ll have your own natural remedy against acid reflux.

Want some more natural remedies? Here’ s another great one. It is made out of nutmeg and mace, which are known for treating indigestion, vomiting, heartburn and of course acid reflux. Those two ingredients must be mixed together with half a tablespoon of elm bark. Then you must poor some distilated water over the mixture. Half of this remedy must be heated and the other half boiled. After, you must add herb slurry and mix them all together. And here you have your own remedy. And it is natural too!

The mixture must be stored in a fridge, and you only have to drink half a cup when you stomach is disturbing you.

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Alternative Acne Treatments

Looking for that miracle acne treatment? I am sad to say there is no one acne treatment that cures all types of acne. What should you do? The remedy may reside in alternative acne treatments.

Many people with this chronic skin condition have no other alternative but to apply a mix of different forms of acne treatments. This is true due to the fact that acne is often the result of a series of factors, making it difficult to pinpoint the exact cause.

There are several alternative acne treatments available to help you relieve your acne condition, but you must be aware that there is no miracle treatment. These are generally effective, but take time.

You may eventually get that healthy skin so much desired, but how long it takes depends on the type of treatment applied. The alternative acne treatments most commonly used are:

1) Herbal remedies

2) Home remedies

3) Natural treatments

Herbal remedies are a good alternative if you desire a less aggressive treatment, compared to some acne prescription drugs that may cause some side effects. However, herbal remedies are not the perfect solution. One important drawback is the time it takes to obtain results.

With some of these alternative acne treatments, you may not see any significant changes to your skin before one month of daily treatment. Also, not many scientific studies exist to support herbal remedies as an effective treatment.

Home remedies are pretty much like the herbal remedies. Also presented as a good alternative to the expensive medicated treatments, being cheaper and having practically no side effects.

But just like herbal remedies, not many scientific studies exist to support home remedies. But most important, these treatments are not known to give you quick results, compared to the results obtained by the use of medicated treatments.

Natural treatments are very similar to the other alternative acne treatments already mentioned. These treatments normally do not cause any side effects, and may take several weeks before noting any significant improvements.

Also, not many scientific studies exist to support natural remedies. The main difference lies in the price. This form of alternative acne treatment may cost more that the herbal remedies and the home remedies.

Natural treatments are often treatments using processed natural products you buy from the health store, rather than using affordable natural ingredients with which you can prepare the treatment yourself. Natural treatments are also known as synthetic treatments.

All things compared, there is no particular alternative acne treatment that offers a notable advantage over another. What you should retain is that if you are in a hurry and can take the side effects, you should opt for the prescription acne drugs.

On the other hand, if you are not in a big hurry you can experiment with a combination of alternative acne treatments until you find the right formula for you.

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Natural Health Choices for Women

Quite obviously, men and women are different in very many ways, but most especially in their physical appearance. This is certainly the most distinguishable difference, but there are many other different internal factors as well, such as the regulation of hormonal secretions and the type of secretions; in addition, women are more prone to certain diseases than men. Natural health is making a huge difference in the lives of women, and if you decide to take natural health approach, you will need to address these differences in the regimen you create. You might know that it is important to eat low-fat foods, unrefined foods that do not contain preservatives, but do you know what vitamins and nutrients women are more likely to lack?–And do you know why not addressing those needs can significantly decrease your quality of life – both at work and at home? You know from experience that a poor health habits will have an affect in everything you do. It will show on your skin and in your eyes. You will lack energy and it will show. Your body will reveal your lifestyle. The old saying is still true, if not more so today, ‘you are what you eat.’ Natural women’s health is one method you can use to reverse the effects of your poor health lifestyle. In addition to getting more sleep and drinking more water, a natural women’s health regimen should include proper nutrition. This is especially important if you are pregnant or planning to conceive in the future. If you want to have a child, you must ensure your body is functioning properly by restoring yourself to good health through natural methods; and if you are currently pregnant, you need to ensure that your body is replacing the nutrients your baby is consuming. That is, however, not the only reason natural women’s health should focus on nutrition. It is also because there are certain foods that normally benefit women’s metabolisms, which can be very beneficial, as it is often harder for women to lose weight than men. Natural women’s health is also an important part of regulating your PMS and menstrual cycle. It is a way of ensuring that while your body is performing all its natural functions it is still able to get all the nutrition it needs to keep going. One excellent place to find free information about natural women’s health is the Internet. There are a number of websites that offer information and reference resources on natural health changes that could greatly improve your quality of life. That is why so many women are thinking about changing their lifestyles to focus on a more natural approach to health. Today’s woman has enough to worry about and deal with daily. Why not give yourself a fighting chance at being the best you possible? When you’re healthy and functioning at your best you will be able to tackle all of the other issues that come up. Be proactive in creating a healthy lifestyle for yourself. Your body will thank you. Sherry Frewerd’s-health-articles/natural-health-choices-for-women-34019.html ———————–

Health and Wealth, Understanding the Nature of the Beast

Now thats a delicious Combo!

So, how do you get healthy and become wealthy at the same time? Here is a bit of history for you;

During the 90’s there was a crazy and unpredictable surge of both good as well as bad home or networking businesses if you will.

Some did extremely well, others crashed in burning flames along with those involved in them and others simply continue to struggle.

As a result of those that crashed because they were based on bad ideas, dishonesty or a crazy pyramid scheme…etc. people started to develop some sort of monster ANAPHYLACTIC REACTION anytime the word “home business” was mentioned. Mind you, a lot of those that did survive and did super well were health and wellness oriented.

Unfortunately those who have scammed millions and got away with it have ruined the opportunity for those who have a passion for an ethical business that is designed for the sole purpose of individual growth and success.

There are MANY safe and reputable home businesses out there for those of you who see them selves as entrepreneurs. You do however need to know how to pick the good ones from the rotten ones.

In home businesses you need to look for the following:

1) A long viable and successful company history.

2) Those that do not offer easy cash or fast


3) Companies that offer “healthy” products

4) Companies that give and allow you a chance

to grow with your business.

5) Look for a company that has had a steep

incline curve over the past 10-15 years and

that has yet to peek!

6) Dont believe those who tell you to check

if a company is registered with better

business Bureaue. The BBB is just a track

record of companies, it DOES NOT tell you

anything about their reliabilty!

Understanding the fact that the health and wellness industry is a billion dollar one is great for those who chose to become part of it

as there is and will continue to be a shift in people as they move from the days where cigarette smoking was the next best thing after sliced bread to the health aware ones who go to the gym 3+ times a week and watch their nutrition and diet.

Now before you run off on a rampage searching for a business in this field you need to examine yourself and find out if you are a person who has a lifestyle compatible enough to represent and ethically indorse health and wellness. So, if you are a heavy smoker who hates working out and eats junk food all the time chances are you are not and perhaps you should look for an alternative field.

Here is a scenario; I am in an excellent health and wellness home business and as a result I find myself slowly and happily turning my home over to their healthier, environmentally safer products and nutritional supplements, which is only normal when you think of it. I no longer suffer extreme allergies and I have been able to get off a couple of prescription medications and generally feel healthier. So, now I can ethically indorse and refer people to these products as I can speak from personal experience and to the examining eye I am a representative of health and wellness.

The aim here is to somewhat repair the damage that has resulted in people turning away from the personal/ home business scenario. Most of us believe that a home based business is not a real job. It actually is, and in many cases its enough of a job to result in amazing profit and supplement more than one household income.

The real issue is that people are falsely under the impression that in a home based business you dont actually work and that you make money by some sort of magical way and as much as I wish that were true it isnt! So, if you decide to start a home business, health and wellness focused or not, please dont up and quit your job. Resist the temptation and false belief that you are instant millionaire.

A home based business is a true business where you have the luxury of being your own boss and working for your own profit and development. You can drive it to success or failure depending on your work ethic and understanding the nature of the beast.

In the end it is never a bad decision to start your own business.

Iman Ashour

The Natural Health Boom

The 20th century has registered a veritable explosive development of alternative medicine. Defined as any health practice which takes the place of, or is not compatible with conventional medicine, alternative medicine differentiates itself from complementary medicine because it uses only nontraditional methods.

Alternative medicine features a very broad range of practices. While some of the healing therapies come from Ancient Chinese principles, like acupuncture, and the use of herbal compounds, others are based on Ayurvedic or Hindu therapies. The latter include some of the most well-known therapies, such as the practice of yoga, diet changes and cultivating the connection between mind, body, and spirit.

The emphasis on mind, body, and spirit also constitutes the landmark of holistic health, which can be both alternative and complementary. One of the popular figures of this kind of medicine is Dr. Deepak Chopra, who leans toward alternative rather than medical thinking. Despite the fact that he is a graduate of a Western medical university, his teachings are largely contested by the medical community.

Massage, chiropractic techniques and practice, meditation, spiritual healing, aromatherapy and exercise practices such as Tai Chi are some other examples of popular alternative therapies. However, there is an almost inexhaustible list of alternative practices. In fact, many people use different forms of alternative medicine, sometimes even without realizing it, for example when they take herbal supplements or vitamins without seeing the doctor first. As such, using the natural supplement Airborne when having a cold instead of consulting the doctor means that alternative medicine is practiced rather than traditional medicine. Studies have showed that over 70 percent of adults over 50 years of age use some kind of alternative therapy in order to treat illness and disease and to maintain a good health.

Although the Western medical community strongly opposes these practices, the ascension of alternative practices continues. This happens mainly because alternative practitioners often point to millenary traditions, although few clinical trials have proved their efficiency. However, given the advancement of complementary medicine there is now an entire host of medical schools where alternative methods are taught. Moreover, many physicians are now keen on learning about alternative medicine, as it offers more options in dealing with a medical condition.

More and more people now turn to alternative medicine because the traditional medicine can not provide them the means to cure when experiencing a certain condition. In fact, many Western physicians acknowledge the already established practices of alternative medicine and even recommend these therapies for patients whom they cannot help otherwise. Although a large range of physicians still remain skeptical, alternative medicine appears to many as a last resort solution.

Despite its popularity, alternative medicine is generally not covered by health insurance companies. Sometimes chiropractics may be part of a health plan, but otherwise nutritional supplements, acupuncture, yoga classes, or other alternative therapies must all be paid for by the beneficiary. However, alternative methods are increasingly popular because they pay attention not just to the physical body, but also to the spiritual, emotional and mental aspects of one’s health.

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Natural Remedies For Acid Reflux

Acid Reflux is a condition that deteriorates primarily due to bad eating habits. In todays fast-paced and workaholic lifestyle, the common man cannot find time to control the haphazard (or non-existent!) lunch timings and eating routine.

Acid Reflux is caused when, due to several reasons, the stomach cannot withstand the pressure of the contents in it, thus forcing it toward the Oesophageal sphincter. This valve kind of structure in the lower end of the food pipe, or oesophagus, as we know it, allows food to go into the stomach, but prevents the contents in the stomach to come back into the oesophagus. Due to the pressure from the stomach, the sphincter becomes weak, and in extreme cases, loses its ability to keep the stomach corrosive stomach juices from entering the sensitive food pipe. Visit to learn more about acid reflux.

Since eating habits forms a major cause for this condition, it is but obvious that only a healthy eating practice can fix this problem. Natural remedies, thus, are what patients are looking for. Pills are not a wise choice. It is difficult to forget the drug called “Propulsid”, which was used as a means to lower acid reflux levels in the body, but eventually was taken off the market after its consumption resulted in many deaths.

One of the most common natural suggestions given to people suffering from Acid Reflux is to drink lots of water. About one gallon is required on a daily basis to detoxify the stomach. However, if one is suffering from Acid Reflux, it is usually suggested that one must drink enough water to keep the urine a light yellow color.

Another natural remedy for Acid Reflux is garlic. Garlic may have a pungent odour and taste, but it is extremely effective in keeping bowel flora in optimum levels as well as kill pathogenic germs such as H. pylori, which is the only organism that the hydrochloric acid in the stomach cannot kill. But it is important to remember that the garlic should be chewed or crushed and then swallowed, or added in juices, otherwise the allicin in the garlic will not transform into its active ingredient.

Apart from that, recent studies have showed that orange peel extract, made from fresh extracted oranges, is a very effective means to keep the acid levels in the stomach to its minimum. Anise, peppermint, and lavender are also excellent for the stomach. Other helpful natural remedies include digestive enzymes such as, Betain and Pepsin, which is found in Papaya, as well as, pineapples and chicory root.

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How Safe are Natural Health Products?

Natural health products are often promoted as safer, more effective, and less likely to have side effects than prescription drugs. It should be noted that internationally, natural health products are regulated on the basis of safety and quality and to varying degrees, efficacy. They are defined (in Canada) as: Vitamins and minerals, Herbal remedies, Homeopathic medicines, Traditional medicines, such as traditional Chinese medicines, Probiotics, and other products like amino acids and essential fatty acids. Natural Health Products are closely related to drugs, and have begun to be regulated in order to control health claims being made by products not classified as drugs, but are taken for reasons above and beyond simple caloric intake.

There are many more aspects of the body’s health and well being that can be enhanced when nutritional natural health products are added to a balanced diet. Natural health products are your fresh organic food products, fruits, vegetables & meats, food (dietary) supplements, preparations for skin and hair care. Unlike pharmaceuticals that must undergo rigorous testing and analysis, natural health products are not governed by the same regulations.

Incidences of harm caused by natural health products are statistically pretty insignificant, less than one in 100 000 by some measures, and extremely rare even by the numbers of the Fraser Institute. That’s because natural health products are, though physiologically active, not drugs. . They are available for self-care and self-selection, and do not require a prescription to be sold. natural health products are regarded as dietary supplements and are not required to pass strict registration processes as would be expected of prescription drugs. In 1997 the Canadian government conducted a public review of natural health products and developed a separate regulatory framework to supervise them. As a result Health Canada created a new category called Natural Health Products and a new regulating authority was established to govern the sale of NHP’s in Canada called the Natural Health Products Directorate.

Natural Health Products can have potent effects on the body. Although herbal products are advertised as “natural,” they aren’t natural to the human body. They include supplements which, in many cases, are made from traditional or specialty crops, seafood and aquaculture. Natural health products in the US are generally regulated as dietary supplements and fall under the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA). natural remedies are sold in grocery stores, pharmacies and health food stores and they do not require prescriptions from a doctor. Will changes to the Food and Drugs Act result in a ban on natural health products. Will this change mean a prescription will be required for natural health products, like Vitamin C. Sometimes the most natural solution is a healthy diet and taking the time to rest when you are sick.

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Natural Remedies For Insomnia

Insomnia is a medical condition, characterized with irregularities in sleep. It is a problem faced by thousands of people in the United States, not to mention its global figures. However, there are several natural remedies, where the treatment generally focuses on a holistic approach, which tries to cure the impairment of the whole body of person, both physically and psychologically.

natural remedies for insomnia try to cure the factors, which results the sleeplessness and induce the triggering factors of sleep. There are mainly two types – sleep onset insomnia and sleep maintenance insomnia – characterized according to the difference in the sleep behavior. The reasons for insomnia will range from psychological disorders to lifestyle factors such as stress, anxiety, hypertension, other psychiatric problems, physical impairments, nutrient deficiency, hormonal imbalance, and environmental factors. Chronic Insomnia will require serious attention and long time treatment whereas intermittent insomnia, are effectively be cured by natural remedies by avoiding the immediate stress and motivating triggering factors. Natural remedies include herbal remedies, behavioral therapies, relaxation techniques, good lifestyle habits, and ideal sleep hygiene.

The practice of an ideal lifestyle is the primary step in the natural remedy. Avoid the use of alcohol and harmful alkaloids such as caffeine, and nicotine, which may disturb sleep. Practice good sleep hygiene that include routine time table for sleep and wake up, well ventilated bed rooms, convenient bedding, and avoidance of noise, light and any such disturbances. The rooms play a vital role in inducing sleep; hence adopt any traditional methods such as Feng Shui, to arrange the room and use pastel colors for accessories, which helps to balance the energy level of the bed room.

Practice a balanced diet, sufficient with all nutrients. It is said that the adequate levels of iron and magnesium is necessary for sleep, since they acts as important co-factors. Vitamins and minerals such as calcium and zinc are also to be essentially included in the diet, or else use their supplements. Avoid heavy meals, just prior to sleep. Try to have supper at least few hours before bedding. Try to have a sleep inducing herbal tea or drinks such as milk, before going to bed.

Herbal remedies play an important role in the natural ways to overcome insomnia. It is proven that herbal remedies contain certain alkaloids, which can trigger the neurotransmitters and hormones, which induce sleep. However, it is advised to seek the opinion of a physician, before practicing herbal drinks since it may alter the endocrine system of a person, having any serious complaints. The common herbal remedies include Hops, Valerian root, Passion flower, Californian Poppy, and Dog wood. Aromatherapy advocates that a bath in water containing the infusions of the herbs, before sleeping will help to avoid insomnia.

Exercises and relaxation therapies such as biofeedback, muscle relaxation therapy, visualization therapy, and yoga are essential to ease out stagnated energy and mental tensions, which may help to induce sleep.

Remember! A sound body and sound mind is necessary for an adequate sleep. Hence maintain good habits and lifestyle.

Jason Rickard


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Understanding Holistic Health

Many people are looking for a more holistic health approach to meet their health care needs these days, but don’t quite understand what it means or how it will benefit them. More and more consumers are becoming aware that our current health care system is failing us in more ways than one and some kind of action is required, but get frightened or diverted by other’s negative perceptions and skepticism of natural health which is really based on misinformation and lack of understanding.

Most skepticism of alternative health modalities is fueled by the unfortunate fact that modern medicine tries to discredit alternative means of healing because it is much more profitable for them to use surgery and pharmaceuticals, not on any real grounds for concern. The topic of alternative health always brings out the doubting Thomas’s who scream quackery and voodoo. You may hear that they tried a holistic method without any success or that they had some weird side effect or even felt worse.

Here’s a couple important points to keep in mind. Their experience may be true but that does not mean it is true for everyone and there could be other reasons that contributed to their experience. We can very easily find another group of people who had great success and no side effects with the exact same treatment method they used.

This is because not everyone’s body responds to a particular treatment or healing approach in the exact same way. Even though you may share the same health condition with someone else, each of you has a unique body chemistry and genetics and the same disease can have a different process or impact from person to person. Each of these factors influences the results that will be achieved. In addition to that, someone with a liver, lymph system, endocrine system or other organ or system that doesn’t function optimally may have a very different response than someone who has healthier organs and systems.

Just because one treatment approach is ineffective for one person, does not meant it will be ineffective for you or others and that doesn’t mean that “all” holistic health care is ineffective. Results can be completely different from individual to individual. A lot of times it requires some trial and error to find what works best with your biochemistry and specific circumstances.

Additionally, this is true whether we are talking about a holistic health method or traditional pharmaceuticals. Regardless of whether we’re talking about natural remedies or prescription drugs, what is effective for one may not work at all for another, but overall holistic health is much more effective and a lot safer. We can find hundreds of thousands of people who have severe side effects, get worse, develop more serious health conditions or even die from prescription drugs. On the other hand, these events are rare within the field of natural health.

Holistic health or alternative health has actually been around longer than prescription medication or so called “modern” medicine. Plants and herbs have been used successfully to heal by many civilizations for centuries and most pharmaceutical drugs have their roots in herbal medicine. For example, the common and popular aspirin originated from an herb called white willow bark.

However, a crucial fact that many are not aware of is that just because something is natural does not mean it will automatically be free of side effects, complications or risks. Many people doctor themselves before first doing their homework and having a thorough understanding of the method they are using.

Herbs, plants, vitamins, minerals, or any alternative treatment method can be just as potent as a prescription and requires a great deal of education and research to be sure you achieve the desired results. They should be taken or performed as prescribed by a knowledgeable health care provider. For example: some holistic remedies that are effective for depression can have a negative effect on someone with Parkinson’s.

Too much or too little of a particular herb can be ineffective, while too much of a vitamin or mineral can be just as bad as not enough. There can be complications or interactions even within natural substances, as one herb or even treatment modality such as massage or acupuncture may counteract or rev up another treatment approach and vitamins and minerals work in conjunction with one another

Additionally, herbs and other natural substances can interact with prescription medication and reduce it’s effectiveness and vice versa. Its extremely important that you consult with a holistic health care provider and disclose all medications and conditions prior to medicating yourself.

Another important issue that may impact results of a holistic health remedy is the quality of the product or service you use. It’s vital to do your homework in this area as well and only use products and services from reputable companies. The natural health field is not immune to sales hype and scamming. You must be a diligent and informed consumer regardless of what path you follow.

Breaking free from the old way of thinking that conditions us to believe that drugs and surgery are the superior method of treatment can be frightening and difficult. It may seem foreign, threatening or strange at first, but when you get the facts about holistic health, you realize that it makes a lot of sense.

Holistic health offers us an abundance of wholesome, non-toxic, affordable approaches from herbal remedies and nutritional supplements to massage, acupuncture, yoga, detoxification, changes in lifestyle, environment and diet or colon cleaning, chiropractic manipulations, meditation and many more that attempt to not only restore balance and harmony in the body, but to society and the planet as well.

It’s an empowering approach where the patient works with the health care provider as a team and is encouraged to be an active participant in the health care plan, educate themselves about their condition and engage in a variety of self-care techniques and practices.

Unlike modern medicine, which only attempts to suppress symptoms, holistic medicine attempts to correct the health condition by finding the underlying cause. Instead of stuffing everyone in a cookie cutter treatment plan, holistic health care is a whole body/mind approach that is individualized according to each person’s specific needs.

The ultimate goal is to enable each person to reach their highest sense of well-being, function as optimally as possible and live life as fully as possible regardless of the presence or absence of disease.

Cynthia Perkins


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Concentrated Health Drinks Provide the Power of Regeneration With All Natural Foods

What is “the power of regeneration” and how do you get it from all natural foods that are mixed in concentrated health drinks? Regeneration is the opposite of “degeneration”, which is what happens to the human body over time if not treated properly. Most people in the world today are in a constant state of degeneration, but those who have discovered the secret of concentrated nutrition are revealing the potential for regeneration with all natural foods formulated into concentrated health drinks.

The Philosophy of Regeneration? is a phrase that has actually been trademarked by Sunrider International, the largest herbal health food company in the world. Dr. Tei-Fu Chen developed the Philosophy of Regeneration? after thorough study of Chinese and Western medicines. According to the philosophy, the body can balance itself when nourished and cleansed with the proper nutrition. That is why all natural foods concentrated into powerful health drink formulas can help the body keep a balance between yin (nourish) and yang (cleanse) and the five organ systems.

This sounds complex, but the simplicity of it is that when all your systems are in balance, your body is functioning so efficiently that it has time to “regenerate”. When you are taking in the proper nutrients through all natural foods that have been concentrated into these powerful health drinks, your body has the resources to create and sustain excellent health and fitness for life. Instead of having to spend so much energy digesting unhealthy foods, your body has the energy to work on areas that might have been damaged through years of poor eating or through injuries and illnesses.

Let’s say you have suffered from chronic pain for years. You decide to change your diet to include all natural foods and concentrated health drinks. Then, instead of your body degenerating without any help from your previous food and drink choices, you begin to feel relief. What’s happening is that damaged, old, dying cells are being replaced more rapidly by healthy, new cells that now are stronger because they are built with more powerfully nutritious tools.

When you are cleansing out fats and toxins on a daily basis with sophisticated health drinks and you are nourishing your body with concentrated all natural foods, then you are creating that balance of the systems, which allows for regeneration to take place.

If you are constantly pouring in acid forming foods, sugary drinks, or isolated nutrients from highly processed food and beverage products, you are causing your body to degenerate. You would have to eat an enormous amount of fruits and vegetables to create the regenerative effects possible from concentrated nutrients. When you consume all natural foods that have been concentrated into powerful formulas and health drinks that provide real whole food vitamins and minerals then you are living the philosophy of regeneration. You are taking your health to a new level.

Before you know it, you are feeling years younger and you start to believe that you really can live a healthy, energetic, disease free life until the day you pass away peacefully in your sleep. This is far different from how most people wind down their golden years. Far too many end up in hospitals and nursing homes unable to care for themselves. The sad part is that it doesn’t have to be this way. The philosophy of regeneration is real. You just have to start shopping differently for nutrition. Look for concentrated all natural foods and health drinks that are made with whole food ingredients, as close to nature as possible.

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to just buy fruits and vegetables from the store, you need to step up to a higher level of nutrient dense foods to really begin to feel the power of regeneration. So, pay attention to all natural foods and health drinks that are concentrated for maximum effectiveness if you want to feel results quickly.

Cliff Smith


How to Enjoy Better Health With Natural Remedies

As more and more “traditional” products and medicines hit the drug store shelves faster and faster, many people don’t realize the tremendous benefits that can be enjoyed by the use of natural remedies. natural remedies contain only a fraction of the chemical preservatives, if any at all, compared to their traditional medicine counterparts. Although there are many over the counter and prescription medicines available for heartburn relief, natural remedies for heartburn may be just as effective and cause fewer side effects. You have probably seen the commercials on television for a new traditional remedy for something as simple as heartburn, but the ending disclaimers in the commercial list ten times as many possible detrimental side effects as the single symptom that it is supposed to cure!

Using prescription and/or natural remedies for acid reflux while you are trying to lose weight does make sense, and, in fact, some of the natural remedies may even help assist with weight loss, such as mangosteen, although the evidence from various scientific studies in on this topic is not totally conclusive. If you are looking for natural herbal remedies or nature friendly products, there are many oils and herbal remedies that should help you get started. There are herbal and botanical products that some experts consider as natural remedies and alternatives to prescription drugs. In fact, some medical experts consider the natural remedies to actually be superior to traditional medicines because of the notably shorter list of detrimental side effects.

Health enhancing, natural or herbal remedies should never be used alongside synthetic or prescription drugs without the prescribing doctor’s knowledge. There may be some chemical conflicts that while not apparent, your doctor should know about and can advise you about. You may want to begin to incorporate the benefits of natural health into your everyday life by stocking your medicine cabinet with herbal remedies, replacing non-natural brand-name products. For example, rhubarb is one of the natural remedies for heartburn and indigestion used by Native Americans for many decades.

Ginko Biloba is one of the best-known natural remedies for Attention Deficit Disorder and has been shown to be an aid for memory retention. But just like with traditional prescription medicines, be sure you understand what you are treating, and be sure to treat the disease and not just the symptom. For example, before we jump into the natural remedies for your itchy skin rash, it is important to understand what may be the root cause of the rash so you can prevent further outbreaks.

For gum disease and other gum problems, vitamin D is also one of the best natural remedies easily available. Also one of the best natural gum disease remedies known today is tea tree oil gel. Overall, given its absence of toxic reactions and its effectiveness at promoting high-quality sleep, valerian root remains one of the best natural remedies for insomnia. Natural remedies for insomnia try to cure the factors, which results the sleeplessness and induce the various triggering factors that cause restful sleep to occur.

All of these ingredients can alleviate many of the symptoms of ADD, and there are a variety of natural remedies on the market that combine some of the listed ingredients to produce successful results. If you’re losing your hair because of stress, on the other hand, then giving yourself some time to rest and relax would be the best among the hair loss remedies available to you. Remedies for lack of sleep, stress relief and relaxation, depression, anxiety, pain, weight loss, hair loss, skin problems and more are some of the most popular and in-demand herbal products currently on the market today.

Using natural detergents for diaper laundry is gaining popularity with young parents. Residues left in commercial detergents may be harsh, drying the baby’s skin and causing further baby irritation. As you use natural remedies, keep in mind that one particular remedy may not work for you. To keep your body in chemical balance, it is important to use only natural remedies for constipation.

In summary, you may want to try natural remedies and see how they work for you. Results vary from person to person, but most people find that natural remedies work extremely well for them, and are also significantly less expensive than their prescription counterparts.

Jon Arnold


Are Everyday Products Affecting Your Fertility?

Are everyday products affecting your fertility?

by Midi Fairgrieve, D.Th.D, D.N. Med.



Before heading off to work each day many of us have exposed ourselves to an array of different lotions and potions containing a cocktail of synthetic chemicals. Yet how many of us are aware that these chemicals could be adversely affecting our fertility. The truth is that most of the toiletries we use on our body are made from the same harsh chemicals used in industry! and many of these are hormone disrupting, for both men and women For example, propylene glycol is a solvent used in hair care products, make up and deodorants. It is also the main ingredient in antifreeze and brake fluid (6).


At present, only new chemicals by law have to be assessed for their effect on our health, which amounts to no more than 3% of those in everyday use. Although there is pressure to change the law in both Europe and the US, it may take some time before all the chemicals in our bathroom are properly evaluated for safety.  When this happens, several commonly used ingredients will be banned due to their toxicity.


Studies show that many of the chemicals found in everyday beauty products may be linked to a variety of health problems including, allergies, skin reactions, endocrine/hormone disruption, and possibly even birth defects.


Exposure to harmful chemicals can mount up unnoticed in terms of the quantity of different ingredients that we are using every day. And this is the important fact. It is what we expose ourselves to on a daily basis that if used only occasionally may not harm us, but when used frequently can accumulate in the body and ultimately cause health problems.  For the first time in history we are exposed to potentially dangerous chemicals from the moment of conception.


For this reason alone, when preparing for pregnancy, it is worth seriously considering a well structured detox programme first, to give your whole system a chance to eliminate accumulated toxins. Detox not only helps the body to mobilize stored toxins, but revitalizes the whole body at cell level. Organs and systems are rejuvenated and become more efficient in their function. Hormone balance can be restored and sperm health is greatly enhanced. The value of this level of preparation cannot be underestimated in today’s toxic world.


Have a think about which products you normally use on any given day. Which brand of toothpaste do you use? Do you also use a mouth wash? Which shampoo or conditioner do you use, and how often? What about hair gel, hair spray, hair thickener! How about your underarm antiperspirant deodorant, have you any idea what it contains? Have you ever checked the ingredients of your body lotion, shaving foam, moisturiser, or make up?


As we know from the successful use of HRT and nicotine patches the skin is an efficient and absorbent medium for the transfer of chemicals into the blood stream. It’s the largest organ in the body and acts as a two way membrane, allowing toxins both out and in. The skin can absorb up to 60% of what we put on it, so we should never put anything on our skin that we wouldn’t put in our mouth!


So what kind of chemicals are we exposing ourselves to and what effects can they have, especially on fertility and reproduction?


In 1989 the Australian Occupational Safety and Health Administration analysed nearly 3,000 chemicals used in personal care products. 884 of the ingredients were found to be toxic, and of these:


218 can cause reproductive problems.

314 can cause biological mutation

778 can cause acute toxicity

146 can cause tumours

376 can cause skin and eye irritation


With 218 chemicals that can cause reproductive complications there are major concerns regarding fertility and pregnancy. Yet few people are aware of the facts.


Have a look right now at some of the products in your bathroom. You’ll find a long list of chemical ingredients in minute writing on the label. Even with perfect eyesight you may need a magnifying glass to read the small print. Have you ever considered exactly what these ingredients are for and what effect they may be having on your health and fertility?  


Given that reproductive health in both men and woman can be so negatively affected by synthetic chemicals in everyday use it is vital to switch to using chemical free alternatives if you are planning to have a baby or currently have fertility problems. These are just a few of the most commonly found chemicals to look out for and avoid.   


Parabens are used by the cosmetic industry as preservatives and are found in most body care products. They have been detected in human breast tissue and evidence suggests they can act as oestrogen making them a hormone disrupting chemical in both men and woman. Propyl paraben has been shown to adversely affect male reproductive functions. At the daily intake level currently acceptable by EC law, it was found to decrease sperm production (8). 


Phthalates are insidious hormone disruptors and worse still they are exempt from any labelling requirements. They are often used as one of many ingredients in fragrance which makes them hard to spot since the complete list of ingredients which make the fragrance don’t have to be labelled individually. If your products contain ‘fragrance’ or ‘musk’ or ‘parfum’ then it will most likely contain phthalates. Phthalates are implicated with low sperm counts and also causing sexual abnormalities and deformities. A survey by the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention of 300 women found high levels of phthalates in them all, with the highest levels found in the women of reproductive age. Phthalates are common plasticizing ingredients found in products from hair spray, perfume, make up, nail polish, shampoos and soap. In tests they have been found to lower sperm motility in men (3) and are linked to reproductive and fertility problems in women at high levels of exposure (4). They have been linked to birth defects in the reproductive system of boys at exposure levels typical for about ¼ of woman using common body care products (2). Studies have also shown Phthalates to damage adult reproductive organs, and also the liver, adrenals, and kidneys (5).


Triclosan is another endocrine disruptor.  It is found in toothpaste, soaps, body washes and antibacterial handwash.


Talc is found in baby powders, face powders and body powders as well as on some contraceptives such as condoms. It is a known carcinogen and a major cause of ovarian cancer when used in the genital area.  It can also lodge in the lungs, causing respiratory disorders.


Anionic Surfactants. Anionic refers to the negative charge these surfactants have. They may be contaminated with nitrosamines, which are carcinogenic. Surfactants can pose serious health threats including adversely affecting reproductive hormone health. They are used in car washes as garage floor cleaners and engine degreasers – and in 90% of personal-care products that foam. They can be found under the following names. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate (ALS), Ammonium Laureth Sulfate (ALES), Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate, Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Sodium Cocoyl Sarcosinate, TEA (Triethanolamine) Lauryl Sulfate, Lauryl or Cocoyl Sarcosine, Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate and Disodium Dioctyl Sulfosuccinate.

Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) is a known oestrogen mimic linked to breast and endometrial cancer and low sperm counts (7).


Over the past 20-30 years, in the developed world, infertility has been on the increase, bringing with it much sadness to those who deeply desire a child. Although infertility and miscarriage can be caused by many factors including a poor diet, environmental toxins, deficiency of specific vitamins and minerals, accumulation of toxic metals, emotional blocks, and general ill health, everyday body care products play a vital role in the overall toxicity picture. What you chose to put on your skin can also play an important role in decreasing your toxic load.


As important as eating an organic whole food diet when preparing for a pregnancy is reducing the amount of toxins that you’re exposed to. When it comes to body care products and make up this is something you can have control over and there are many chemical free alternatives on the market. The growth of natural body care products is testimony to the fact that people are looking for safer and healthier alternatives, making it easier to switch to health friendly products.    


Apart from affecting fertility adversely, we know that chemical toxins are also passed from mother to baby during pregnancy. Babies are therefore directly affected by the toxins present in their mother’s choice of personal care products.  The problem with chemical toxins is that they persist in the body and are difficulty to eliminate without extra help.  To illustrate the point, studies have found more than 350 synthetic contaminants in human breast milk. Not all of these are from personal care products; however we take in toxins from a variety of sources, and body care products are a significant source. Under normal circumstances the body cannot eliminate all of the chemicals it takes it, which is why a committed detox programme is an important step towards achieving optimum health and fertility prior to conception.


The good news is that one thing all prospective parents can do right now is to replace the worst chemicals with safer alternatives.  Just taking this one step towards a less toxic lifestyle will reduce the overall toxic overload on the body. The world health organization has warned of the dangers of exposure (particularly pre-natal exposure) to certain hormone disrupting chemicals (1) and reducing your overall body toxicity can make the difference for some people between fertility and infertility.


What can I do?  –  Quick guide


  • Carry out an audit on you and your partner’s body care products. Look through all the products in your bathroom and check the labels. If it isn’t a genuinely natural product then it will definitely contain several synthetic chemical ingredients.


  • Check the websites listed below for information on specific ingredients. Find out what the ingredients do and what their effects might be on your health. 


  • Examine your daily routine and make a list of all the products you use and when.  See how much you can either reduce or eliminate the use of a product or change it to a healthy alternative.


  • Have a look through your other household products, such as air fresheners, bathroom cleaners, bleach etc. Question how toxic they are. Look for natural alternatives which are sold in health food shops and supermarkets; for example, brands like Ecover and Green Care.


  • Do some research into alternative natural based products. The internet is a good source of information. Investigate what’s on sale in health food shops and supermarkets.


  •  Consider a detox programme to rid yourself / partner of any accumulated toxic load. This is especially important when planning for pregnancy.





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Midi Fairgrieve

Women’s Health Care

When the topic of women’s health care is raised, the first disease that comes to mind is probably breast cancer. But surprisingly, that’s not the number one health care issue confronting women today. In fact, heart disease kills more women each year than all forms of cancer combined. By knowing the most significant risks in women’s health care and what you can do to combat these health care issues, women of all ages can take a proactive approach to leading healthier lives.

The #1 Women’s Health Care Issue: Heart Disease More than 489,000 American women lose their lives each year as a result of heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular diseases. In fact, more women than men die from heart disease each year. Until recently, little research focused on women and heart disease, but the good news is that’s no longer the case. From research into the effects of hormone replacement therapy on heart health to studies of how cholesterol-lowering medications work in women, there’s an unprecedented increase in the amount of information available to women working to live with and ward off heart disease.

Experts at the Mayo Clinic offer simple common sense advice to women (and men) in the fight against heart disease: don’t smoke, eat a diet low in fat and rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products, exercise at least 30 to 60 minutes a week, and maintain a healthy weight.

In addition, they encourage women to see their family doctor each year for a physical which includes blood pressure and cholesterol screenings. Studies indicate that there is a 46% increase in stroke risk for women for each 7.5 mm HG increase in their diastolic blood pressure, so monitoring blood pressure and controlling hypertension are vital.

Women who suffer migraines, are pregnant, have atrial fibrillation and those with the auto-immune disease Lupus also appear to run a greater stroke risk. Diabetes is another women’s health care issue with a direct impact on heart health. The American Heart Association notes women with diabetes have a two to six times greater risk of heart disease and heart attack and are at a significantly greater risk of suffering a stroke. All of these risk factors make an annual visit with your doctor one of the best ways women can manage and improve the health of their hearts.

Cancer Concerns: The Second Deadliest Health Care Issue Women Face While breast cancer is often at the top of the list of health care issues for women, several other types of cancers also pose a significant threat to women’s health. In this country, one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during her lifetime according to current data which means that a little more than 2 million women are currently living with breast cancer in the U.S. But melanoma, a form of skin cancer, actually kills more young women than any other cancer according to statistics provided by the Skin Cancer Foundation. In fact, melanoma is the most common form of cancer in women between the ages of 25 and 29 and its incidence has tripled in women under 40 in the last thirty years.

Ovarian cancer is another women’s health care concern. Usually symptomless until it is widespread, this disease is the fourth most frequent cause of death for American women. The American Cancer Society estimates 26,000 new cases of ovarian cancer diagnosed each year. Unfortunately, there are few definitive screening tests that detect this disease, but experts advise a thorough annual gynecological exam and for women to be alert to pelvic pain and pressure, low back discomfort, mild nausea, and an increase in constipation or gas. A serum CA-125 blood test can detect certain forms of ovarian cancer, but the test is not accurate enough to be used as a routine screening tool.

The rate of women suffering from cervical cancer has dropped a great deal over the years, thanks in part to the increase in the number of women who get an annual Pap smear which can indicate the presence of abnormal cells on the cervix. It’s a strong argument for making sure you never skip your Pap smear. Women who have had Human Papillomaviruses (HPVs), herpes simplex virus, those with suppressed immune systems, and those who have had multiple sexual partners run a greater risk of cervical cancer. On the prevention front, a recent trial of a vaccine against cervical cancer was 100% effective in the short term at blocking the disease.

Psychological Well-being: A Growing Health Care Issue for Women In the field of women’s health care, psychological problems, which include eating disorders, depression, and anxiety disorders, affect millions of American women. From coping skills to medications to alternative and complementary medical approaches, there is a growing body of knowledge being brought to bear on this important health care issue.

More than 19 million people in the United States, the greatest percentage being women, live with anxiety disorders that disrupt their lives. The different types of disorders within this group include generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and phobias. Treatment options include talk therapy and a wide range of medications that can quell the symptoms of the condition. Many women also combine alternative approaches to treatment such as acupuncture, meditation, and diet modification with traditional forms of treatment.

According to the American Psychological Association, women are almost twice as likely to suffer from major depression as men. In fact, some experts in the field have called depression the most significant mental health risk for women, especially those in their childbearing and rearing years. Studies have found that married women and mothers are especially vulnerable to depression. It’s important for a woman who feels she may be suffering from depression to be carefully evaluated by a physician because the source of the depressive symptoms could be birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy, or thyroid disease. Treatment for depression, like most other psychological conditions, includes talk therapy and medications. Some women also find relief in alternative medicine with herbal supplements, meditation, and other complementary techniques.

Though many of the women who struggle with eating disorders are in their teens and twenties, these conditions also affect women at other stages in their lives. Anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating are the most well-known forms of eating disorders. Statistics show that one out of every one hundred girls between the ages of 10 and 20 is anorexic, 4% of college-aged women are bulimic, and 1% of women are binge eaters. The root causes of these diseases include stress at home and at school or work, depression and anxiety, major life changes like a divorce or death, and physical and sexual abuse. Breaking out of the cycle of eating disorders requires a combined approach to this health care issue including psychological treatment, nutrition counseling, and in some cases, hospitalization.

A Holistic Approach to Women’s Health Care As women become more proactive about their health, many seek a holistic approach to improving their well-being and fighting disease. But coordinating information among several health care providers, keeping on top of the latest breakthroughs in health, and finding the United States’ best doctors is a daunting task for any women.

Some are turning to private professional health care advocates, like those available at PinnacleCare, to help them achieve their goal of a whole-woman centered approach to health care issues. From compiling and electronically storing comprehensive medical records to researching treatment options and providing accelerated access to the United States’ top doctors, PinnacleCare’s health advocates make a holistic approach to health care possible.

“I passionately believe that what our PinnacleCare Members experience is the way healthcare ought to be delivered,” explains John Hutchins, PinnacleCare’s Managing Director. “The healthcare system has gotten so complex that most people are at a loss to find their way through it without professional guidance and objective counsel.”