Health and Wealth, Understanding the Nature of the Beast

Now thats a delicious Combo!

So, how do you get healthy and become wealthy at the same time? Here is a bit of history for you;

During the 90’s there was a crazy and unpredictable surge of both good as well as bad home or networking businesses if you will.

Some did extremely well, others crashed in burning flames along with those involved in them and others simply continue to struggle.

As a result of those that crashed because they were based on bad ideas, dishonesty or a crazy pyramid scheme…etc. people started to develop some sort of monster ANAPHYLACTIC REACTION anytime the word “home business” was mentioned. Mind you, a lot of those that did survive and did super well were health and wellness oriented.

Unfortunately those who have scammed millions and got away with it have ruined the opportunity for those who have a passion for an ethical business that is designed for the sole purpose of individual growth and success.

There are MANY safe and reputable home businesses out there for those of you who see them selves as entrepreneurs. You do however need to know how to pick the good ones from the rotten ones.

In home businesses you need to look for the following:

1) A long viable and successful company history.

2) Those that do not offer easy cash or fast


3) Companies that offer “healthy” products

4) Companies that give and allow you a chance

to grow with your business.

5) Look for a company that has had a steep

incline curve over the past 10-15 years and

that has yet to peek!

6) Dont believe those who tell you to check

if a company is registered with better

business Bureaue. The BBB is just a track

record of companies, it DOES NOT tell you

anything about their reliabilty!

Understanding the fact that the health and wellness industry is a billion dollar one is great for those who chose to become part of it

as there is and will continue to be a shift in people as they move from the days where cigarette smoking was the next best thing after sliced bread to the health aware ones who go to the gym 3+ times a week and watch their nutrition and diet.

Now before you run off on a rampage searching for a business in this field you need to examine yourself and find out if you are a person who has a lifestyle compatible enough to represent and ethically indorse health and wellness. So, if you are a heavy smoker who hates working out and eats junk food all the time chances are you are not and perhaps you should look for an alternative field.

Here is a scenario; I am in an excellent health and wellness home business and as a result I find myself slowly and happily turning my home over to their healthier, environmentally safer products and nutritional supplements, which is only normal when you think of it. I no longer suffer extreme allergies and I have been able to get off a couple of prescription medications and generally feel healthier. So, now I can ethically indorse and refer people to these products as I can speak from personal experience and to the examining eye I am a representative of health and wellness.

The aim here is to somewhat repair the damage that has resulted in people turning away from the personal/ home business scenario. Most of us believe that a home based business is not a real job. It actually is, and in many cases its enough of a job to result in amazing profit and supplement more than one household income.

The real issue is that people are falsely under the impression that in a home based business you dont actually work and that you make money by some sort of magical way and as much as I wish that were true it isnt! So, if you decide to start a home business, health and wellness focused or not, please dont up and quit your job. Resist the temptation and false belief that you are instant millionaire.

A home based business is a true business where you have the luxury of being your own boss and working for your own profit and development. You can drive it to success or failure depending on your work ethic and understanding the nature of the beast.

In the end it is never a bad decision to start your own business.

Iman Ashour

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