Concentrated Health Drinks Provide the Power of Regeneration With All Natural Foods

What is “the power of regeneration” and how do you get it from all natural foods that are mixed in concentrated health drinks? Regeneration is the opposite of “degeneration”, which is what happens to the human body over time if not treated properly. Most people in the world today are in a constant state of degeneration, but those who have discovered the secret of concentrated nutrition are revealing the potential for regeneration with all natural foods formulated into concentrated health drinks.

The Philosophy of Regeneration? is a phrase that has actually been trademarked by Sunrider International, the largest herbal health food company in the world. Dr. Tei-Fu Chen developed the Philosophy of Regeneration? after thorough study of Chinese and Western medicines. According to the philosophy, the body can balance itself when nourished and cleansed with the proper nutrition. That is why all natural foods concentrated into powerful health drink formulas can help the body keep a balance between yin (nourish) and yang (cleanse) and the five organ systems.

This sounds complex, but the simplicity of it is that when all your systems are in balance, your body is functioning so efficiently that it has time to “regenerate”. When you are taking in the proper nutrients through all natural foods that have been concentrated into these powerful health drinks, your body has the resources to create and sustain excellent health and fitness for life. Instead of having to spend so much energy digesting unhealthy foods, your body has the energy to work on areas that might have been damaged through years of poor eating or through injuries and illnesses.

Let’s say you have suffered from chronic pain for years. You decide to change your diet to include all natural foods and concentrated health drinks. Then, instead of your body degenerating without any help from your previous food and drink choices, you begin to feel relief. What’s happening is that damaged, old, dying cells are being replaced more rapidly by healthy, new cells that now are stronger because they are built with more powerfully nutritious tools.

When you are cleansing out fats and toxins on a daily basis with sophisticated health drinks and you are nourishing your body with concentrated all natural foods, then you are creating that balance of the systems, which allows for regeneration to take place.

If you are constantly pouring in acid forming foods, sugary drinks, or isolated nutrients from highly processed food and beverage products, you are causing your body to degenerate. You would have to eat an enormous amount of fruits and vegetables to create the regenerative effects possible from concentrated nutrients. When you consume all natural foods that have been concentrated into powerful formulas and health drinks that provide real whole food vitamins and minerals then you are living the philosophy of regeneration. You are taking your health to a new level.

Before you know it, you are feeling years younger and you start to believe that you really can live a healthy, energetic, disease free life until the day you pass away peacefully in your sleep. This is far different from how most people wind down their golden years. Far too many end up in hospitals and nursing homes unable to care for themselves. The sad part is that it doesn’t have to be this way. The philosophy of regeneration is real. You just have to start shopping differently for nutrition. Look for concentrated all natural foods and health drinks that are made with whole food ingredients, as close to nature as possible.

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to just buy fruits and vegetables from the store, you need to step up to a higher level of nutrient dense foods to really begin to feel the power of regeneration. So, pay attention to all natural foods and health drinks that are concentrated for maximum effectiveness if you want to feel results quickly.

Cliff Smith


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